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“It’s okay to make a mess. Experiments only lead to beautiful designs and concepts.”

Bothra international

We laid the foundations of our company, Bothra International, in 1994. Following our passion for experimenting with materials and colours, our team focuses on simplifying the often-overwhelming process of pleasing the customer by building an innovative product line of hand-crafted products.

How we work?

We aim to provide each of our clients, a personal design steward to guide them. It’s the company’s focus on personalisation that has enabled the company to grow by massive folds each year. From the very start of the project, we are able to interpret the client’s sense of design and incorporate it into a cohesive finished product. The delivered results are exactly what one would imagine – exquisite, majestic and textured. Coupled with this, the company’s commitment to high-quality, on time delivery and competitive price track records with their customers, make the company the country’s leading manufacturers.


Bothra international is spearheaded by two brothers who started this small factory with six employees and absolute determination. The dexterity of this brother duo in management has created a wonderful team for this expansive firm, which is well recognized for its artistic and innovative product design. The brothers intermittently update themselves with the ongoing and upcoming product trends and always think about what to offer next to their customers, therebybringing the repute to the company for its product design and novelty.

Mr. Naresh Bothra is an eminent industrialist and philanthropist of Jodhpur. His expertise lies in guiding the company towards identifying the next best. He is a passionate product designer and has provided the industry with very novel and functional product lines over the last two decades. He is currently the President of Jodhpur Handicrafts Exporters Federation (JHEF), and has also catered to various responsibilities in his professional and personal capacities, which include:

  • Member – Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts (EPCH)
  • Vice President – Fair Committee (EPCH)
  • Member – Customs Grievance Committee, Jaipur

Mr. Manoj Bothra has infused the company with his strong leadership skills, whereby his competence lies in ensuring adeptness in the production process. His strong understanding of each and every part of the product, material and all the processes has placed him as one of the most well informed people in the industry.


A synonym to quality and commitments, we work with a simplephilosophy to deliverproducts which we can buy for ourselves.

Our products are full of new inspirations and creative ideas. We are reckoned for our design creations which always works on the philosophy of “WHAT NEXT?”. When we work on product design and development, we keep in mind all the functional,dimensional, aesthetic and design aspects of a product.